Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The television commercials for dandruff Sunsilk Shampoo are exciting and interesting. First, you can see a lady who is wearing a green scarf and a gentleman at the one place in campus’ library. The man fascinated at the lady because the lady always scratch her head and the man thinks that the lady feels uncomfortable in her situation. The man starts wanted to know the lady closely. Then the lady feels horrified because the man always looking and smiles at her. The lady gives back her big smiles. The lady knows the man always looking at her because she always feels uncomfortable with her hair. Then the lady use Sunsilk Clear and Fresh to remove excess scalp oil. There can build-up in one wash which is blended with lime nutrient energizers it thoroughly cleanses, refreshingly nourishes hair and scalp and prevents daily stickiness and itch. After that, she feels clean and beautiful freshness that lasts long for her hair. Next, the lady searching the man who always looking at her, but he is not there. After a while, the lady finished her works, and she goes back home together with her friend. Then her friend accidentally fall down the lady’s book and at the same time the man is there and help her collects her book. Lastly, they made a friend closely because the man likes that lady very much.

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